See Antifungal System: For Stubborn Nail Fungus


  • THE BETTER BUNDLE: Our Nail Drops are a fast-acting liquid that can help treat toenail fungus as it penetrates deeper into, around & under the nail to fight the infection. Oxy- Pro is an ointment that protects nails from fungus infected areas. The 2 products are sold together as 1 bundle.
  • SUPERIOR FORMULAS: ZanaQuick Nail Drops and Oxy Pro Ointment are both formulated with potent natural ingredients, like antiseptic oils and extracts that have been shown to eliminate nail fungi on feet and fingers.
  • VISIBLE RESULTS: As with any other nail fungus medication, you must continue with daily treatments until the fungus is completely gone. Results vary for each person depending on the extent of nail damage and discoloration.
  • PACK OF 2: Sold as one 0.5 oz / 15 mL bottle of Nail Drops and one 1.25 oz of Oxy-Pro ointment. The natural healing oils make it safe for men and women, including seniors, to use the OTC medicine for long periods until desired results are achieved.
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Use Oxy-Pro in the morning to remove the dryness & rough fungus exterior. Use the Drops at night to better penetrate the nail while you sleep. Using both products with this daily regimen is best for helping to treat your nails.
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